New Tubes, Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, I’d originally planned to hold off for the foreseeable future on upgrading the 300B tubes of my Audio Note Kits Kit 1 amp, due to the stratospheric prices demanded for those tubes. For example, I swear to you that what follows is an unaltered screen grab from a current … More New Tubes, Part II

The Speakers of Planet SET, Part II

If audiophilia is a human subculture, and those devoted to tube amplification a subculture within the audiophile community, then those tube devotees who reserve their enthusiasm (and their funds) for SET amps must be a sub-subculture of the audiophile world. Or something like that. That said, the community of SET lovers requires speakers through which to play the music that waits … More The Speakers of Planet SET, Part II

In transit…

Well, two of my three packages have shipped out from Audio Note in Canada. The first to arrive will probably be the heaviest box containing the transformers. That the transformer box alone weighs about 38.5 pounds tells you something about the “serious iron” that this amp will pack. It should arrive here in Austin in … More In transit…

Why S.E.T.?

I can’t say that I was in any way “unhappy” with the sound of my rig with my prior amps – a pair of Manley “Mahi” mono-blocks and a “Shrimp” preamp. The Mahi’s are a push-pull affair that pump out a respectable 20 W per channel in triode mode and 40 W per channel in ultra-linear … More Why S.E.T.?