Big Box #2: The transformers

Today, a box the size of Box #1 but about 2.5 times as heavy showed up at my office. It contains the four transformers that go into the Audio Note Kit 1. Yes, this box weighs just shy of 40 pounds.

Here are some unpacking photos:

Again, the styrofoam peanuts…


Clearing away the top layer reveals the four transformers, the smallest of which, I believe, is the choke…


Now, in my explorations on Audiogon and elsewhere on the Web, I found general consensus that what separates the a quality SET amp from the cheap knock-offs you find on eBay is the size and quality of the transformers, particularly the output trannies. If this is true, then this amp should sound heavenly, because these transformers are, quite literally, MASSIVE.

Here’s one of the medium sized trannies – not sure where this one goes. But I’ve put my hand and my iPhone 4S (in a bulky battery case) in the picture to try to give you a sense of scale. These things are large and barbell heavy.


Next we have a similar, scale shot (sorry for the blur) of the largest of the four transformers. Again, this thing is large and very heavy.
DSC_0048Stay tuned, fans, for the next installment of this blog, in which one of the build completed, which consists of physically fastening some of the basic parts to the chassis.

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