Arrival of the first Big Box

Okay, then!

The first box from Audionote Kits in Canada arrived on Friday, December 12, 2014. It weighed 15 or so pounds. This largish box contained all the PCB’s, electronic parts, casework, wire and so forth. Missing were three of the tubes, which were backordered and should ship this week, including the Impressive Looking 300B’s, which I am very much looking forward to fondling affectionately. Ahem.

“But we want photos,” you implore. Then, my friends, you shall have them.

Here is the Big Box upon opening. I’d have preferred biodegradable, recycled paper “peanuts” to the styrofoam nasties, but I can’t complain about the packing job. It’s quite meticulous.


The next two photos show the two types of solder that Brian was nice enough to include. One has standard lead-tin composition, and the other, for the signal path, is silver solder. Snazz-ee!



Securely covered in bubble wrap, we find two white boxes, sitting snugly in the upper amp casework. In between the boxes is a Russian, Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 electron tube in its own box.


Here’s the amp faceplate. Shame they have to put the words “KIT 1AMPLIFIER” on it, or people might think I could afford a finished, $30K Audio Note amp. Ah, but I’ll have pride of labor, I will!


Here’s the bottom, vented panel of the cabinet. Like the upper case, it is made from heavy aluminum and finished in a professional-looking, textured matte black. One of the reasons I wanted to build this particular kit is that the finished product doesn’t look DIY at all. Even the gold input selector and volume knobs look classy.  


Finally, the contents of one of the white parts boxes shown above. Each box contains multiple zip-lock bags. Each bag contains a packing list and the parts for one particular step of the build. This seems quite a brilliant approach. Rather than having, say, a huge bag of all the kit’s resistors, the parts for each, sequential step are grouped together. Also, look at the lower left of the photo and you’ll see that many of the bags contain sub-bags for the various, assembly sub-steps. The lower left baggie contains the screws and fittings for the kit.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Tomorrow, the transformer box is set to arrive, and I’ll look forward to showing you those bad boys when they do.


7 thoughts on “Arrival of the first Big Box

  1. I wouldn’t have the nerve to touch it, either, except that I built my phono preamp from a kit a few years ago! This is a bit more ambitious but I’ll take my time.

  2. Which phono preamp did you build? Do you think this build is to ambitious for a first build? Thanks, for the blog, really enjoying it.

    1. Thanks so much for following the blog, Rick!
      My phono preamp is a Seduction kit from Bottlehead. They no longer offer that kit but they now have the “Reduction” phono preamp.
      I don’t think this is too ambitious for a first, build, no. Most of the soldering is straightforward and by the time you got your kit, they’ll have finished a much improved assembly manual.

  3. I think you’d have a ball building the Reduction. Those BH kits are terrific. Terrific build manuals, excellent customer service and a helpful and active online forum. If you take the plunge, let me know.

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