300 b Hardwiring

Hello again, solder fans. Welcome to another episode of Adventures In Kit Building. The next step in our Audio Note Kit 1 build is assembling and soldering the hard-wired components of the 300 B driver tubes. The “TAG strip” pictured below comes in a much longer than needed size, so your first task is trimming … More 300 b Hardwiring

IEC Section

Hi, Gang, First, to my subscribers, thanks for following this blog! Knowing that there are people actually reading it “out there” makes writing it all the more fun. So, today we’ll look at the installation of the IEC power section. This is the first part of the build that involves soldering, so there’s a milestone … More IEC Section

Initial Build, Part III: More Transformers!

Good morning! When we last left our intrepid hobbyist (me), I had just mounted the Mother Of All Mains Transformers on the chassis. Our Audio Note Kit 1 build saga continues today with the affixing of the remaining transformers. By the way, “RGA,” a reviewer, Audio Note fan and frequent poster to the SET Asylum on AudioAsylum.com … More Initial Build, Part III: More Transformers!

In transit…

Well, two of my three packages have shipped out from Audio Note in Canada. The first to arrive will probably be the heaviest box containing the transformers. That the transformer box alone weighs about 38.5 pounds tells you something about the “serious iron” that this amp will pack. It should arrive here in Austin in … More In transit…