New Review: The Luxman L-550 AX Mk. II Integrated Amplifier – Now Live on Part Time Audiophile!

luxman - 11

Hi, Friends,

It’s been a long time since my last Steve’s Audio Blog post – nearly nine months to the day, far longer a lag than I’d ever anticipated! What can I say: work, life, family… it all takes time and energy.

In my last post, a review of the Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo S open-baffle speaker, I noted that, to my surprise, the Spatial’s got better in every way powered by a muscular, Krell solid-state amp when compared to my previous, 8-watt, 300B SET tube amp. What I didn’t say in that post is that I sold the 300 B SET and embarked on a search for a new, solid state amp to make the M3’s sing.

I’ll have more to say in my next post about where that amplifier search has taken me. (Oooooh, the unbearable suspense.)

Very Part Time Audiophile

In the meantime, I have an interesting story to share.

A couple of years ago, I struck up an online acquaintance with Scot Hull of the well known Part Time Audiophile high-end review site. It turns out that Scot and I share some non-audio pursuits, but at one point in our correspondence, he was nice enough to compliment my writing on this blog, and offered me the chance to write a review for Part Time Audiophile if I was ever so inclined.

When I started looking for a new amp, I peppered Scot with requests for integrated amplifier suggestions. It was then that he offered to contact Luxman USA to see if they’d like one of their integrated amps reviewed on PTA.

I jumped at the opportunity to write the review. After all, when you write for a small, one-person audio blog like this one, prestige manufacturers like Luxman aren’t exactly beating a path to your doorstep, begging you to review their stuff. But PTA has some real clout in this regard, and when Luxman offered to send their L-550 AX Mark II integrated, Class A amp for review, I was instantly on board.

luxman-in-situ - 5.jpg

It’s Alive

The review is now live on Part Time Audiophile. Many thanks to Scot Hull for the opportunity and for the beautiful editing and photo layout.

Rest assured that Steve’s Audio Blog isn’t going away. I have more posts in the works for early fall. Stay tuned.

And remember, do some good for others and enjoy your music!

6 thoughts on “New Review: The Luxman L-550 AX Mk. II Integrated Amplifier – Now Live on Part Time Audiophile!

  1. Nice review and I was right you could do this professionally.Now this why I am frustrated that my EAR 834 does not have pre-outs because I’d love to go from EL34 to say a Pass J when I wanted.Separates beyond two power supplies.The Luxman is also and example if it is done right it should include it’s industrial design.Luxman,McIntosh,Pathos,Audiolab and a few newcomers (Heed is nice.Line Magnetic etc) remind us that if it’s gotta be living your parlor no reason it shouldn’t look good to.Turntables seem to get the attention the rest of the world doesn’t work.Saw the new Elac gear which they rolled there Audio Alchemy line into and thought “Now why would anybody do that” but then again it’s in the “Eye Of The Beholder” (or if your inti Dewey Redman ‘Behearer””).Anyway hope you kept the damn thing without mentioning it

  2. While searching for a new integrated amp I found your blog and your review of the Luxman 550 M2. Great reads, great blog and great review of the 550.

    Grew up listening to Dual tt’s, Kenwood integrated amps and Klipsch Heresy’s. Got married and of course it all got boxed up and into storage. Fast forward to the present and my Luxman 550 arrived yesterday. I immediately hooked it up to my Cornwall3’s………….

    1. Hi, Harry, I JUST saw this comment, months after you posted it. I’m so sorry. Thanks for your kind comments about the Luxman review. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your 550!

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