Music in Bloom (Audio)

Paying it Forward

Although much of what I post here concerns specific pieces of audio gear, from time to time I do like to call your attention to audio retailers who I feel offer standards of customer service that are above and beyond the norm, as when I discovered Vintage Tube Services several years ago as a great source of superb, carefully screened, used and NOS (new old stock) vacuum tubes for home audio equipment. That’s also why, in this post (during my current preoccupation with portable audio gear) I wanted to give a shout out to a relatively new Internet retailer whose efforts I believe are deserving of your attention.

Bloom Audio

Bloom Audio is an Internet purveyor of high-end portable audio gear. Based in New Jersey, USA, its proprietor is one Andrew DiMarcangelo. The clean, stylish and easy to navigate Bloom Audio web site (which is really well done) features gear from the likes of Meze, Audeze, Astell & Kern and other well-known, enthusiast brands. Bloom Audio is an authorized reseller of every product it sells; no sketchy, “gray market” goods here. They offer lifetime support of everything they sell and complete refunds within 30 days, including free return shipping to Bloom within the USA.

One particularly endearing aspect of Bloom Audio is the superb level of personalized customer service and unbridled enthusiasm provided by its owner, Andrew. For example, invoke the text chat function of the Bloom Audio web site, and (unless it’s the middle of the night in New Jersey) you’ll quickly be chatting with The Man Himself. Try getting personalized buying advice from Jeff Bezos the next time you shop on, eh?

I was led to Bloom Audio by several ecstatic reviews of the oBravo Cupid IEM’s. YouTube reviewer “Zeos” raved about them,

as did Andrew himself in this video:

Watching Andrew’s mini review, which is anything BUT a hard sell, I was taken by his obvious love of music… not gear, per se, but music. Watching him talk about voices sounding so beautiful through the Cupid’s that he was emotionally moved was something I could really relate to, and it made me want to give him some business. This was easy to do, especially because he’s currently the only functioning dealer for the oBravo Cupid in the United States.

After a few helpful text chats on the Bloom Audio web site, I ordered my pair of cupids. They arrived in a few days, nicely packed. Here are some unboxing photos:

Just like the hand written thank you note from Jeff Bezos that comes with every order from Amazon, right?
Yes, Andrew included a Kit Kat bar with my Cupid’s. I can’t eat chocolate (migraine headache trigger) but i this case it really is the thought that counts.

I’m well along in the writing of a Quick Take review of the oBravo Cupid IEM’s themselves, but in the meantime, do click your way over to Bloom Audio and take a look around.

I should add that I have no personal connection to Bloom Audio or its owner. I just think it’s a business worthy of your patronage and a very nice place to shop. Also, you can at least drool over some of the “end game” stuff he carries, even if you can’t afford it.

Until next time, be kind and enjoy your music!


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