Coming Attractions…

coming attractions


Greetings, Cherished Readers,

I’m finally reemerging from the aftermath of my Dad’s passing and cooking up some new blog posts for you! Here (not necessarily in the final order of their appearance) is a teaser of what’s in store.

In Praise Of The Mighty SOTA Sapphire

My late 1980’s vintage SOTA Sapphire turntable recently started having speed stability issues – as in, taking several minutes to spin up to speed… yikes! In this post I’ll report on how that was finally resolved and how much respect I have for the fine folks at SOTA.


Impressions of The New And Improved Audioquest Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Record Brush

aqbrush - 1

A few months ago, I noticed an ad on the back page of The Absolute Sound publicizing that the venerable audio cable and accessory manufacturer Audioquest had released an update to the design of its classic carbon fiber anti static record brush. The ad claimed enhanced record cleaning performance due to enhanced fibers in the brush and new, metallic grounding surfaces in the plastic handle. For $20, how could I not be curious? Is the new design really any more effective than the its predecessor? We’ll have a look at just that.

FULL REVIEW: The Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S Open Baffle Speaker

M3 - 1.jpg

In a recent post, I expressed my excitement over making the upgrade from the Spatial M4 to the M3 Turbo S. The speakers now have just over 100 hours of playing time on them, which means that it’s time to start working on that review! I can’t wait to share my impressions of this design with you!

When it comes to this website, I try to shoot for quality writing and thoughtful yet accessible analysis over merely cranking out a lot of posts.  I appreciate your patience as I strive to bring you interesting and passionate writing about music and audio.

Until next time, be kind and enjoy your music!

2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions…

  1. Hi Steve
    I enjoy your reviews, especially the reviews of the Spatial M4, so I have been eagerly awaiting your review of the Spatial M3 Turbo. I hope you are healthy and have more or less recovered from the loss of your father. That said, I think we would all appreciate an update of your review schedule. Are we talking days, weeks, months or years before we hear from you again?
    Thanks and hope you are doing well.

    1. Hi, Ed,
      Thank you so much for this comment. It makes me very happy to know that you enjoy my posts and that you read the blog. Thank you!
      As of today, the Spatial M3 Turbo S review is nearly complete! It is a long piece, quite a beast, actually! It is my hope to have it posted within the next week. I will give you a bit of a spoiler and say that one reason it has been delayed is that I was able to test the M3’s with more than one amplifier, and learned a lot from the experiment. But what I learned caused me to change the direction of the review, hence an additional delay.
      Thanks again for the post – expect to see the review within the next week.

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