Very Sad News, Once Again

Dear Readers,

I am so very sorry to share the news that my father, Joe, aged 95, passed away on Wednesday. He lived nearby and we were very close and I helped to take care of himdad - 1.jpg, especially since the passing of my mother in the
summer of 2015.

As a result, there will be a delay in the updating of this blog, but posting will resume in time.

Thanks for reading and for your understanding.

Until then, enjoy your music, be kind to others, and do tell your dear ones that you love them.

9 thoughts on “Very Sad News, Once Again

  1. Shalom. So sorry to hear that your Dad passed. May he have a speedy journey to Gan Eden. Also, hagsemach for Passover. Mikirob

  2. How wonderful you were both able to care for each other for so long. Keep the good memories in remembrance – ” love is what keeps us close – when life keeps us apart “

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