Digression: A Really Cool Store To Visit in Austin – SOUND GALLERY

Hi, Folks!

I wanted to take a break today from talking about the progress of my own system building activities to let you know about a very cool, very fun shop that I discovered here in the great city of Austin, Texas. It’s called Sound Gallery, and it’s located way down on South Congress Avenue, between Ben White and Stassney Lane.

My first words upon entering The Sound Gallery were, “This place is so cool! I wish I could live here.” To which one of the friendly fellows behind the counter replied, “Great, we could use the rent!”

Sound Gallery claims to offer “one of the best selections of vinyl records in Texas,” and I have no reason to doubt this claim. What makes sound gallery particularly unique is that the great bulk of the LP’s on hand are brand new, sealed pressings. The selection is heavy on various kinds of rock and roll, although I also found Country, Jazz and a great selection of movie soundtracks. Really, I don’t think I’ve seen this much new vinyl for sale in one place since thumbing through the racks at Tower Records (now defunct) on Broadway in Lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. (And that’s a LONG time ago.)

But to me, the coolest thing about Sound Gallery (besides the full service espresso bar) is its many rooms filled (and I do mean filled) with shelf after shelf of beautifully restored, vintage audio gear. You’ll find at least four large rooms overflowing with speakers, amps (both solid state and valve) receivers, reel to reel tape decks and more cool turntables than I’ve ever seen in one place, including some pretty high-end stuff.

Here are some pics from my visit. Do look these guys up. This is exactly the kind of cool store that you want to see survive, so drop by and give them some business, won’t you?

Oh, one other thing: I have no idea why my photos aren’t centering as they should, but I’ll try to fix it soon!

Until next time…

There’s a church next door.
They also sell vintage telephones… and typewriters, too.
Notice the lovely pair of Klipsch Heresy’s at the end of the aisle. I was sorely tempted, I was.
Offerings include some funky, vintage all-in-one systems from, I’d guess, the 1970’s.
Yes, they sell reel-to-reel tape decks. Note, too, the yummy Dared 300B SET mono-blocks on the table.
A turntable.
And another.
The main showroom, which is more huge (“huger?”) than this photo conveys. I mean, it’s enormous.
One of the two vinyl sales areas, but there are a lot more records behind me and to my left that you cannot see.
Some of the sweet, little tube amps up for sale, some at very reasonable (read, “sub-$1000) prices!
Receivers and tuners and amps… Oh my!
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of vintage speakers, I shall fear no surround rot, for they have been re-foamed.”

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