final steps and doo-dads, part IV

Hello again!

Not a lot to show you in this post, but we are finishing all the wiring today!

Here you can see the wires that lead to the inputs of the Elma selector switch, now soldered to the RCA jacks. Having tinned the center post of these jacks earlier, this is an easy job. Just hold the wire in place and apply heat to the jack and you’re done.


In this shot you’ll see the twisted pair wires leading from the Elma input selector switch to those RCA jacks. The wiring is looking a little wild right now but we’ll be cleaning this up once all the testing has been accomplished.


Although it’s sitting upside down on the transformers, you can get more of an idea what the finished kit will look like in this photo. I’ve attached the shiny, front faceplate and the volume and input knobs.


Much of what we’ll be doing next involves testing: going through the interwiring diagrams one final time to make sure all the connections are correct and then powering the amp on, but without tubes, to spot check specific voltage readings with a multi-meter. Then, finally, installing tubes and seeing if we get sound! More on all that next time.

Until then…

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