final steps and doo-dads, part I

Hey folks! We still have a number of steps to go before plugging the Kit 1 into a wall socket and testing voltages, but we’re getting close!  🙂

Here are the RCA input jacks. Our first task after screwing them into the chassis is preparing them to accept the ground wires that will connect them to the ground on the Driver Board and to the wires from the input selector switch as well. Here you can see those first steps. After bending the ground tabs away from the chassis, looking carefully you can see that I’ve “tinned” both the solder tabs and the little receptacle at the end of each center post with silver solder.


And after stripping a few inches of insulation from the ends of two pieces of black ground wire, I’ve tinned the exposed wire and then applied heat from my iron to each ground tab, connecting the upper row of ground tabs (the right channels in this build) to the designated ground hole in the Driver Board (not shown) and then the lower row of ground tabs to the Driver Board ground hole designated for the left channel. (I could’ve used one continuous piece of wire to do this, connecting all 6 ground tabs to the same ground hole in the Driver Board, but decided to be a purist about it…) Note that it’s hard to see the continuing, insulated part of the ground wire in the lower right of this photo because of the black wire on the black chassis background, but you can make it out pretty clearly in the upper left.


This may not look like much but, partially because of the cramped working area at the back of the chassis at this point  and the the care needed not to burn the insulation on any of the wires in that area, it was actually a fairly painstaking job. This makes the final product even more satisfying.

What’s next? Either wiring up the rest of the inputs to the selector switch or perhaps doing the volume pot wiring first.

We shall see…

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