Interwiring, Phase II

Greetings, fans of DIY, high-end, 300 B kit building…  um, everywhere.

I’m back to my day job full time after public school Winter Break here in the US, so there hasn’t been as much time to work on my Kit 1 this week as there’s been for the past couple of weeks while things were slow at the office. Expect updates to this blog regularly but perhaps a little less often than before.

Still, so as not to leave you totally bereft of juicy build photos, here’s a shot of the Filament PCB, all wired up via twisted red and black wire to the 300 B valve bases:


There are only a handful of wiring jobs left!

One of these involves an optional upgrade that I purchased for $75 when I bought the kit: an Elma (made in Switzerland, oo-la-la!) rotary switch that gives the Kit 1 three sets of RCA inputs. (I didn’t want to have to swap cables every time I switched sources from my DAC to my Phono Preamp.) Wiring the input switch and the RCA jacks properly looks like a challenging mini-project in itself. I’ll give you a guided tour next time.

Almost forgot: if you all play nicely, share your things and clean up after yourselves, maybe we’ll install our Mundorf caps next time, too:


Oh, yes, and in other exciting news, UPS is supposed to be delivering my back-ordered tubes (plus a little extra ground wire) today, which means more goodies for me to play with and more photos for you.


to Audiogon regular “Mikirob.” He’s been following this blog and reports that now his wife wants to fire up her soldering iron and build her own Kit 1. Will she blog her build, too? Time will tell.

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