Why S.E.T.?

I can’t say that I was in any way “unhappy” with the sound of my rig with my prior amps – a pair of Manley “Mahi” mono-blocks and a “Shrimp” preamp. The Mahi’s are a push-pull affair that pump out a respectable 20 W per channel in triode mode and 40 W per channel in ultra-linear … More Why S.E.T.?

Where I’m Coming From – Part II

The Banishment Of The Large And Visually Unacceptable Vandersteens From The New Guest Room had handed me the opportunity to rebuild my system, but also led to that dreaded audiophile ordeal that I’ll call… The Revolving Door O’ Components Since saying buh-bye to the Vandersteens, the speakers I’ve owned and subsequently dumped/sold include (slightly annotated and in no … More Where I’m Coming From – Part II