Initial Build: Chassis Hardware, Part II

Yesterday I was able to get another hour or so into the build of my Audio Note Kit 1 SET amp. Here are some pics – please excuse the grainy quality; these were taken with my cell phone and the lighting wasn’t ideal.

The next step was to install 6, 10 mm, hex-shaped standoffs. With female threading on each end, these little bits will serve as “pillars” for other parts such as the “tag strip” that will later be used to help in soldering all the hard wiring. I use the word “pillars” intentionally here. This is where you begin to see the “3D” or almost “architectural” element of the way the amp is designed. For although, looking at a schematic diagram of the circuits of this kit, one naturally focuses on a 2-dimensional layout, there’s also a “depth” dimension, in which the actual components in the chassis are situated above and below each other, so that the kit is literally “built up” as well as “out.” Later on, we’ll see much more of this “stacking” of components within the chassis.

Next, you install the TANG strips (no idea why they’re called that). These will eventually support the snazzy looking, metallic base plate for the remaining three tubes. 


Ah, now we’re getting somewhere! It’s time to install the mains transformer. Good golly, that thing’s massive! You thread the leads through the three grommets, as shown. Note, too, the rubber strips that go under the tranny. The manual warns that this would be a challenging step, possibly requiring a second set of hands. But, oddly, I found it easy!


Here’s the mains transformer in place: screw and flat washer on top, rubber strips underneath, and under the chassis, a serrated washer and nut to hold it all down.


And below, the project as it now stands.


Next step: adding the choke transformer and the two output transformers.

‘Til next time…

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