At last, something to post about!

Stock of a previous version of the Audio Note Kit 1.
Stock image of a previous version of the Audio Note Kit 1

I created this site about four years ago but it languished, unused, because I never felt that I had anything really unique to say on the topic of high end audio – and there are plenty of audio blogs out there already. Most of my communal audiophile energy has been directed toward posting in the forums of AudiogonAudioAsylum and so on. Additionally, my system has remained fairly unchanged for the past few years (and it’s not as if high-end audio manufacturers are lined up at my door, begging to send me fancy gear to evaluate).

But over the last month or so, I’ve been seriously considering changing my amplification. I listen to music via the wonderful Reference 3A De Capo BE monitors and knew that they were designed to be very easy to drive, even with low power tube amps.

And so I got the bug: “Hmmmm… What would they sound like driven by SET (Single Ended Triode) amplification?”

Given a lack of spare, discretionary income and a family to clothe, shelter, feed and educate, I’d knew I’d have to make the risky move of selling my current gear (my cute little Manley Mahi push-pull mono block power amps and a Manley Shrimp preamp) in order to find out.

After doing lots of reading on SET’s and speaker matching, I felt confident enough in the odds of a positive (very positive) outcome to give it a go. I sold my Mahi’s locally to a friend (who is thrilled with them) and sold the preamp on Audiogon, which flew off the market for my full asking price about 2 hours after posting the listing – wow!

If you want to see some of the thinking that led to my decision regarding which SET amp to buy, you can peruse this thread on Audiogon.

My new Audio Note Kit 1 should be arriving in a week or so and I’ll be blogging the build process for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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